A Journey Into the Depths of Nihilism

by Prickrott

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This is not myself that I now hide Dissonance created through your lies The upset that cannot be aligned With cancerous corrections to the mind I am met with the misfortune That I share with you a species All of you that wait in pain And scurry round disorderly Stampeding like wild animals For just your own false sanity A self deception feeding our hostility The moments of depravity Imprinting all this onto me Get lost, fuck off I don't need Your shit, you sheep Go someplace and die You filth, revolt At your own Mirror image Undisturbed by your twisted point of view
This, why do I find Within this age Cognomens of persistence How, can this exist Within these minds Within this world, exterminate Burn, die in the fires Purge all your bonds Re-writhe all of these liars Promising hope Shut, down the all the wretched Homilizing Kill, off the ideas that Whisper filth Fade, respite in the embers Pay for your faults Split, divide and be idle Lay down your hope Quit, your justifications For they are false Break, without resistance For you’ve been here too long Stop your interactions Now surrender It's time to relinquish Or taste of our anger Listen, our world, is not yours to repress back to the stone age All time, you wasted, reveals to us all that you are truly incapable of producing anything For all the depressing things on this planet By far the most incoherent and destructive acts you have managed to device Are the vapid opinions of bunch of shadows who are way off track Impaling Comparing Greater mass Wastening Theory Losing in Desolate Elements Incoherent Greater mass Equation Incoherent Greater mass Theory Do the math Burn away
Real, grip, vague, alter, slip, depth Baneful, conquered, despite, chances gathered, but lost Complexity unbothered, en masse affection Impression of thought, depredatory, mandatory Like a know it all Nothing read at all Through glassy ball Null of Authority Might roams opinion thrall Depravity shall Prevail man-made hall Null of Authority Statues rising in dreams Cum hallucinating Plain icons go down Fantasies pray upon Incapable to affect destiny Containing a cavity of vacuity There is nothing to be seen around From first words to scratch fast Sage won’t last, nigh Impressed by one side might Dig your kind, hail Build walls up so stable Around all, high Rise up to barren vaults Wasting air, die Walls coming down Vacuity is what we need Long for but lack of inventory You turn against the tide Composing to satisfy Devouring sides of might Light clinches to one side You turn against the tide Composing to satisfy Devouring sides of might Light clinches to one side Walls… Vacuity… Long…
I (x2) Get slough Get used I Turn around the sun See moonlight on other side Shift through darkness and desire Emptiness behold next eclipse twilight mourns light Deceiving caring bodies In the clink I prosper Infinite routes to slithering On knees for life Pandemical source worsens Unending rise of sun In orbit of a void Emperor of deception Many stars declining few survive Count planets orbiting stars And what place you have here to suffer King of faking realms done Many shall fall fast none survive Count bodies touching ground And all your empires cease to exist Vast void travel is a blink in existence A second passes by through time Conscience fades in molecules Eventually we all recycle Vast void travel is a blink in existence A second passes by through time Conscience fades in molecules Eventually we all recycle Into expanding universe
I've walked the darkest mile Through rain and darkness Through rivers of blood I've seen hate and madness This old forest I wander through Where dark arts are practiced Welcomes both the killer and the martyrs Alone I carry on, no sense of fear The breathing of a dying beast I hear And the smell of blood tells me I'm getting near Near the darkest secrets ever known Where forgotten gods live They await my arrival To welcome me among them And as I wander through this old forest Of eternal burning hatred Fire burns away my sins I now belong to the sacred I'm an apex predator A king among insects Through sands of time forever I wander Burning hatred Burning hatred Burning hatred The old forest of eternal burning hatred
Waking up in this vast desert Full of souls looking for redemption Is this hell? I hear you ask Hell is everywhere cause there's no salvation Your chest fills with rotten air From the pits down below The nauseated smell of death Always treacherous and never fair Like a knife cutting through your flesh Can you feel the pain? Tell me now with your last breath Do you have sins to confess? Look at the Lord of rats The marquis of savagery Walking proud and tall You're not the first to fall And sure won't be the last Echos elevating Agonizing screams of pain Thousand of forgotten stories Even Demons flee from this doom reign The king of snakes The mother of dust The husband of misery The Lord of the lost No light is coming No heroes will arrive This is their nightmare They will tell you when to die
Never express your opinion Recluse in your own freedom Fake happy feelings Soon falling into oblivion Never have your own thoughts Just the ones imposed You must always support their shit Unless you speak from hate Never show your true self You'll always lose the race The smile on the mirror Will always be fake Unless you speak from hate Stand up you fuck You're not a slave Modern day fascism We see it everyday Unless you speak from hate Always wanted it But never will Forever thinking What would it be? You'll never will Change your fate Never stand a chance Unless you speak from hate
All those times standing all alone Praying in silence, crying the name of God No one hears your cries 'cause nobody cares a fuck They forgot about the teachings They murdered the holy ghost There's piles of corpses Rotting on the floor Steel, wood and fire And a fucking cross Salvation is forever lost The ballad of the lost The ballad of the lost The ballad of the lost The ballad of the lost It may never come Definitely not for me 'cause I'll spit on your God Look at me You're weak and lost Your path ends here Surrender to the strong This is your punishment For all the pain you've caused Everybody hates you No friends at your door Forgotten and abandoned You try to carry on Where you gonna stand now After all hope is gone? The ballad of the lost The ballad of the lost The ballad of the lost The ballad of the lost


released April 17, 2021


all rights reserved



Prickrott Enschede, Netherlands

Created in 2005, Prickrott started as a small two-man project out of a common interest to create engaging hateful music.

After the release of three demo's and an album, Prickrott received the opportunity to expand into a full band, and rehearsals began in preparation of our first live assaults and new album: Dust of Obscure Devastation.
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